2X Your Sales Discovery Session

A complimentary 90-minute workshop to 2X Your Sales.

Learn how to use a formula for Predictable Growth to put your business on a 90-day road toward 2X Sales.

The Issue: Your Business Is Not Growing As Expected!

Your sales have slowed or fallen, and you’re having a hard time figuring out why. Figure out what’s preventing you from increasing your business’s regular sales. You’ll get that with the 2X Your Sales Discovery Session if you want to expand your company.

Do these questions reveal some of your challenges?

  • Do you have a difficult time training and managing a team of marketers focused on expanding your business?
  • Do you have a comprehensive marketing strategy that details how to get ahead of the competition?
  • Do you believe that your present marketing is attracting the wrong sort of people?
  • Is there anything unique about your company’s marketing that stands out from the crowd?
  • Does your marketing seem like a roller coaster, with unpredictable sales?
  • Are you worried that your marketing is pushy or unscrupulous, resulting in no marketing at all?
  • Is your marketing working? Is there a positive return on investment for your marketing efforts?

Boost your sales by following a proven approach and framework.

  • Discover why your sales have stalled or dropped.
  • Discover the eight-core marketing and selling online topics.
  • A Customer Value Journey framework will be provided.
  • Find out where your marketing is working well and where it could be improved.

How the 2X Your Sales Discovery Session Can Help Your Company Grow:

  • It has the ability to locate flaws in your marketing and sales process, such as a lack of conversion optimization. It will identify flaws without delay and recommend adjustments that will help you generate more leads.
  • It will provide you with a tried-and-true structure and strategy to start using right away. Having a framework helps you save time by allowing you to feel more certain about your progress.
  • You’ll feel more certain about your progress to boost sales because you’ll know exactly what you need to measure.
  • It will provide you with innovative ideas and teach you how to properly measure them.
  • It will help you understand how to plan marketing and sales so that they are predictable and lucrative.

Now is your chance to take part in a one-on-one virtual or in-person workshop that was created with the express intention of providing you with a strategy for increasing your sales.

What to Expect from our 2X Your Sales Discovery Session:

Receive a comprehensive Growth Audit that assesses the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives in key areas.

Learn about the 8 core disciplines of online marketing and sales for your business.

Get a framework for your Customer Value Journey so you can plan out how to convert prospects into customers and eventually promoters.

Discover the growth scorecard model, which offers you a framework for tracking and reporting on how frequently your website’s pages are visited, where consumers discover it, what attracts them to buy, and other vital information.

Goals of the 2X Your Sales Discovery Session:

You’ve worked too hard to establish your company. Why continue to burn money on marketing activities that aren’t making a difference? Why let potential clients go un-reached?

Give you a tried-and-true formula and framework for predictable sales growth that you can start using right away.

Put you on the road toward doubling your sales in 90 days so you can enjoy the kind of sales success that you deserve.

Give your company the resources and expertise it needs to succeed in the market.

Identify marketing assets that you already have and find new options for taking your marketing to the next level!

Don’t you think it’s about time to take a step back from fluctuating sales growth?

You don’t have to wait another month to see how sales decline or stay flat. You’ll finally be able to identify what’s preventing you from achieving your goals. Get the framework and strategy you need to attract more clients and expand your company without becoming a pushy salesperson or squandering your earnings.

About the Coach

Casey Cease

Our CEO & Lead Strategist, Casey Cease understands the obstacles and opportunities small businesses face. Having over two decades of leadership experience in for-profit and non-profit organizations, his passion is to help you connect with the right people with the right products and services. Out of his own personal journey of business ownership, coaching, and consulting, Casey has created Planify™ Agency with a desire to help demystify marketing & grow and scale your business. He would love to have a complimentary meeting with you!

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