Google Local Service Ads

Putting your business in front of local customers for a fraction of the cost

What do Planify™ LSA Services Look Like?

Planify™ takes you through the process of receiving all the benefits of Google Local Service Ads, from explaining how LSAs work to getting you Google certified. If you own a service company and you’re tired of paying for impressions, Planify™ is here to help.

Our LSA Services Include:

  • Walking you through the in-depth and lengthy process
  • Handling the setup with Google
  • Communicating Google’s requirements
  • The opportunity to track your company’s LSA metrics
Why Do Google LSAs Matter?

Google Local Service Ads Breakdown

Google Local Service Ads are a type of advertising offered by Google that are specifically designed for local service providers. Google requires businesses to provide verified business information, including license and insurance information, to ensure that customers have accurate information about the providers they are considering. When you are approved for Google LSAs, you become a Google Guaranteed provider. By displaying your business as a “Google Guaranteed” provider, you can build trust with potential customers and increase the likelihood of them choosing your business over others.

Google LSAs Benefit Your Company’s Reputation

With the Verified by Google green checkmark, customers know that you have a solid reputation. You are trusted and even backed by a Google guarantee the covers customer dissatisfaction up to $2000.

More Effective for Less Money

With Google LSAs, you pay per click rather than per impression. That means more money stays in your pocket and you are only paying for genuine leads, not simply for showing up on a page.

Better Placement and Visibility

With Google LSAs, your service business will show up at the top of the search page, giving you greater flexibility. No longer do you have to worry that potential customers won’t see your company.

Customer Feedback Ratings

Local Service Ads include a rating system based on customer feedback, so potential customers can see how previous customers have rated your business.

How Can We Help You Manage Your LSAs?

Planify™ works with businesses to determine the best marketing strategy for their industry. For service businesses, Google LSAs are invaluable. Unfortunately, it’s also a lengthy and in-depth process that many business owners just don’t have the time for. Having help from an agency like Planify™ allows you to reap the benefits of being Google verified, without the stress and uncertainty of setting it up.