Standard Operating Procedures

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Let us help create your SOP document

What do Planify™ SOP Services Look Like?

With Planify™ SOP services, we help you create an entire document for your company’s Standard Operating Procedures. By putting your processes on paper, your company can maintain consistency and efficiency, as well as ensure smooth transitions when onboarding new employees—giving your customers an easy, enjoyable experience.

Our SOP Services Include:

  • Helping you create an outline by each department
  • Interviewing employees on their processes and tasks
  • Aggregating responses from multiple employees
  • Writing each SOP based on employee responses
  • Submitting SOPs to supervisors for process confirmation
  • Editing SOPs as needed
  • Creating a user-friendly final document or platform
What do you need to know about Standard Operating Procedures

Why Do Standard Operating Procedures Matter?

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Ensure Consistency

With SOPs available to all of your employees, they are able to access the expected way of doing their job. Any variations from this will be more evident and easier to remedy.

Pain-Free Transitions

Unfortunately, employee turnover happens. With Standard Operating Procedures, it’s easier for new employees to slip into the role of their predecessor. This way, the job isn’t impacted by different work styles or variations in skill sets.

Increasing Efficiency

Worried that there are areas in the company that aren’t running efficiently? SOPs can help identify those areas, as well as giving you a clear path to rectifying the issue. They also prevent as many bottlenecks and employees waiting for answers as your SOPs can give guidance to different scenarios.

Reducing Waste

If productivity simply doesn’t match the hours put in, your SOPs can reveal what might be causing a holdup or enable holes to be discovered and fixed.

How can we Help Manage Your SOPs?

Planify™ will help create your SOP document or platform from start to finish, ensuring you have all your processes readily at hand.