Planify’s™ 90-Day Accelerator

Grow. Scale. Thrive.

What is the 90-Day Accelerator?

The 90-Day Accelerator is a 3 month program that supports business owners seeking to scale their business, increase revenue, and build a thriving company. We cover key objectives that help ambitious business leaders overcome the challenges they have faced in running their business, while generating confidence in their leadership, traffic for their company, and scalable growth.

We offer the 90-Day Accelerator in two formats:

Self-Guided Format

The self-guided digital course allows you the freedom to work through the 90-Day Accelerator on your own time and with flexibility.

Support Coaching

If, however, you prefer customized support from a business coach, we are happy to work with you to support your individual needs.

Is It Right For Me?

If any of these sound familiar, the 90-Day Accelerator is your answer. We know what it’s like to push without moving forward. Fortunately, we’ve learned some of the key elements necessary to finally get past the roadblocks and find momentum in growth and success. We would love to share them with you.

The Plan

What Will it Cover?

The 90-Day Accelerator is broken into 3 key phases:

Days 1-30: Build

Days 31-61: Optimize

Days 62-90: Accelerate

What You'll Receive Over The 90-Days

Phase 1 Highlights

90-Day Gameplan

Phase 1 begins with the 90-Day Gameplan, looking at where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’re headed. We then choose strategic goals to focus on for the duration of the 90 days.

Customer Avatar

From there, we create your Customer Avatar, considering the importance of knowing your target demographic as more than just an age range or economic status. This is a method of developing a personal connection with your ideal audience before you even meet them.

Customer Value Journey

The Customer Value Journey carries us through your marketing system, developing strategies for your funnel. We walk through each stage of your marketing journey and how you can easily turn your audience into customers.

Growth Scorecard

Another important aspect of Phase 1 is the Growth Scorecard. We work together to determine the most important metrics for you to follow for your business and industry. This scorecard helps you see your strengths and which areas still need work as we continue through the following 90 days.