How to Engage Your Ideal Lead

If you’ve been following along with our series on lead magnets, you know why you should try a lead magnet and what type is best for your company. But what else do lead magnets need to supply in order to truly engage your ideal consumer? How can you build an effective lead magnet that helps you reach your goals?

Be Specific

Do you know why you’re using this lead magnet? Do you have a specific goal in mind? What are you hoping to achieve?

In truth, while it’s important that you have a specific goal for your lead magnet, that’s not what matters. What matters is that your leads understand the purpose of it. The more specific the promise you deliver in your lead magnet, the better. Clients are going to come running if they don’t know what they’re getting.

Speak to a Desired End Result

Think about your ideal customer. What is their mindset? What is their problem? How are you the solution? Figure out what desired outcome your prospect wants, and keep that the focus throughout. If your customer wants a free mini-course to learn how to bake bread, don’t include a ten-minute lesson on oven-roasted chicken.

Provide Immediate Results

People want a quick win, so make sure whatever they’re doing, they don’t have to wait to see results. Often with quizzes and assessments, the results are emailed to them once they input their information. Automating this process is crucial. If the customer wants their results and doesn’t see them in their inbox right away, they will check their spam where you may have ended up.

Now, you’re in the clear and have access to their email. But if you say that they’ll see the results in their inbox within 48 hours, they will forget about you. Two days later, they might not care about the result. And if you did end up in their spam, they won’t remember to check.

Be Easily Consumed

People don’t want a long, drawn out process. Again, quick results are key! Sharing a free PDF ebook on how you took your blog from fifteen readers to fifteen-thousand? A ten-page ebook is going to be much better than a two-hundred-page ebook. Customers want bite-sized information and action points, not every last detail.

Be Valuable

Your lead magnet needs to be worthy of giving up contact information, so make sure it reflects their expectations. Obviously, you don’t want to give away all your trade secrets, but you need to fill a gap. Your lead magnet should give a taste of what will come when the lead becomes a customer. Don’t lose money, but make sure you’re offering something that will entice the customer.

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What Your Customers Want

Using these five elements in your lead magnet opens the door to better communication and interactions. It builds trust, promotes engagement, and lets your customers see that you understand their needs and wants.

At Planify™, we see the efforts of business leaders throughout the country. We know that it takes hard work. But we also know that growing a business is worth it. Lead magnets give us a little bit of extra help to make a big difference. Download our Lead Magnet Checklist and start bringing new leads today.

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