Standard Operating Procedure Strategies for Digital Marketing

If you saw our last post about Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), you may be wondering how they can be applied directly to your digital marketing. In reality, SOPs for digital marketing provide a clear direction for your company and how your brand functions online.

So, how can SOPs boost your digital marketing strategies?

Having a solid SOP strategy for your digital marketing allows for streamlined policies that are easily understood by your employees. With your standard operating procedures available with just a flip of the page, it’s simple to see how to do each task.

Your employees will know where to find the policies for posting online, creating digital ads, and evaluating the metrics for success of a previous campaign. Once you have your SOPs in place, it’s easy for the workforce to evaluate company decisions against your policies.

Automate Your Processes

In addition to streamlined policies, SOPs lead to automated processes. Your digital marketing is often easy to automate and SOPs will provide the guidelines for this automation.

For instance, your SOPs will outline how many social posts should be posted per month and how far in advance they should be scheduled. Your SOPs will also include any additional automated emails, such as the process for writing, automating, and evaluating the effectiveness of abandoned cart email reminders or order confirmation and thank you emails.

Smooth Transitions

One of the greatest aspects of SOPs is that they create smooth transitions. In the unfortunate event that a key team player retires or leaves the business, their tasks will be outlined for the employee who takes their place.

While personalities and skills may differ, your procedures shouldn’t. By following SOPs that have been approved by the appropriate people, transitions can be smooth and easy. There won’t be any ripples in the company due to turnover.

Create Backup Options

SOPs allow for pre-planned backup options when things don’t go according to plan. By adding variable SOPs into your document, you can help to eliminate questions during specific projects or tasks.

If, however, something arises and you don’t have a pre-determined plan for the incident, it’s an opportunity to add to your SOP document. This way, you can eliminate ambiguity in the future when something like this happens again.

Eliminate Variables

While you can have backup options and a process for variables, the beauty of SOPs are that they can reduce or eliminate the frequency of variables. Your digital marketing will be far more straightforward with a proper document and plan that guides your methods and plan.

As we’ve seen, even employee changeover won’t have a huge impact when you are using SOPs. Of course, your SOPs should be regularly evaluated for updates. If your industry primarily markets on Facebook today, it may primarily market on Pinterest two years from now. You will want to keep an eye on your SOPs for industry shifts and variables in marketing to ensure your business remains up to date.

Strategize Your Digital Marketing Today

Worried that your digital marketing has too many shifts and a lack of process? It might be time to start creating Standard Operating Procedures to fix the problem. SOPs will help you streamline your polocies, automate your processes, enable smooth transitions, create backup options, and eliminate variables.

Not sure where to start? Planify™ is here to help. We love coming alongside businesses to create a solid SOP strategy so your company can stop wasting time and money on ambiguous processes. Reach out today!

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