The Value of a Customer-Centric Voice

We’ve shared about style guides on the blog before, but this series is all about making your customer the hero of your brand. In this post, we’re looking at the importance of being customer-centered and why that matters even to the voice you use online.

So, how do you show your customers they matter? How do you ensure that your company isn’t just about you?

Know Your Avatar

Who are you selling to? What kind of customer is not only going to buy a product from you, but become an advocate for you? Do you have an idea of your ideal target audience?

A customer avatar is a beneficial way of narrowing down exactly who you want shopping with you. It’s a way to learn their voice, understand their motivations, and deliver on their needs.

When you know your customer avatar, it’s far easier to customize your ads, social posts, newsletters, and website to the right person who is most likely to buy from you. Is it Gentle Jenny, the mother buying organic baby clothes online? Or Racing Randall, looking for a local shop that works on car stereos? If you need help building out a clear and specific customer Avatar, check out the Planify 90 Day Accelerator.

Highlight Customer Needs

You need to sell 30 units of a specific product by the end of the month. And you need $100,000 in revenue this week. You’re aiming to reach at least 20 repeat customers, so you send a segmented email campaign to those who have purchased from you within the last 3 months.

What will you say to them? Will you beg them to buy from you so you can stay in business? Of course not. Instead, you think about why customers buy from you, which products to highlight for them, and how making a purchase is to their benefit. Maybe you even further segment customers who bought a specific product in the last three months, but you know there’s an add-on that can go with it. Or they bought a consumable and are likely out of it by now. Surely they were happy with it and want more?

Highlighting customer needs can go beyond just sharing your products. By targeting individual purchases made, you can create ads, posts, and newsletters that bring in revenue based on what your clients really want. Your job is just to remind them how badly they want it.

Recognize Their Value

It’s easy to slip into the mindset of showing customers why they need you and why you’re business is important. But you also need to remember at all times that you need them if you’re going to stay in business. It never hurts to share a customer appreciation post, do a small giveaway for those who share about your company, or even highlight a customer on your social media.

Your customers have to be as important to you as you want to be to them. Without recognizing their value, a company will lose their ability to reach their target audience. Spending more time on how great a company is will only make the customer feel less important and will drive them elsewhere. Adapt your brand‘s language accordingly and never forget the value of a client.

Remember Your Place

Advertising is all about showing your products and the value and trust behind your brand. But it’s also about addressing the customer’s need and how your product can best fit into their world.

By knowing your customer, highlighting their needs, and addressing their inherent value, a company can build trust. And if you need help discerning exactly who your ideal client might be, Planify™ is here for you. We love helping businesses find their perfect customer and adapt their language accordingly. Schedule a call today!

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