5 Ways to Better Serve Your Customers Online

When trying to serve customers online, most business owners know the importance of a strong website and the need for solid digital marketing. But what if your customers are still not engaging? What if you’re missing something that’s not so obvious, after all?

Today on the blog, we’re looking at how a business can truly thrive with their clients online.

1) Automate

Automations have a great dual purpose. They make the business run smoother for you, while also satisfying the immediacy of your customers. Automating your processes allows your company to run without constant interaction. But beyond the many benefits of automation for a brand, their clientele have other opportunities. They can get an immediate response to questions, receive abandoned cart reminders, and get order confirmations.

Many of your company’s automations may feel obvious, there are a number of areas to consider automating. And it’s not just for e-commerce, either. Service companies, boutiques, and offices can all utilize automated appointment booking and reminders, payment portals and confirmations, and more.

2) Respond

When your followers engage with you online, it’s important to engage back. If they ask you questions, answer them, respond to their comments, and address their concerns. Thank audience members who comment just to tell you they like your product or service. If concerns should be addressed in private, invite them to direct message or email your company with an order number or specifics about the issue.

Responsiveness online is beneficial to your company, but it also serves your customers well. ‘Transparency’ has never been more important and responsiveness goes in line with that. By responding, you build trust and relationship with your followers, which turns them into customers.

3) Focus

Focus on what your target avatar is looking for. For instance, if you sell gardening supplies, share blogs with gardening tips, host webinars about getting a large harvest from a small space, or offer ideas about beautifying a garden space. Not everything you post has to be about your product or service, but it should all direct back to it. The more value you offer your followers for free, the more value they see in the products you charge for.

4) Visuals

Visuals serve your customers by showing them exactly what you’re offering. Do they need to see a before and after that your fence company built? Do they need to see how your product looks in their environment? Show examples in various settings.

It’s important to share many visuals so that your audience can see and understand what this would look like in their life. Of course, this helps your company by showing off what you have worked hard to build. But it also serves your customers online so they know just how their own life will be impacted by this product or service.

5) Elevate

Elevate your customers. How? Share their reviews and thank them for posting (with permission or anonymously of course!). When a customer shares a photo with your product or tags you, comment on how great it looks. Host giveaways, customer appreciation sales, and send newsletters with the sole purpose of elevating your followers.

Again, the purpose here is to demonstrate that they are important to you and to build that relational aspect that’s so important these days. When you make it clear that your clients matter, they grow in customer satisfaction.

Serve Better

When trying to serve your customers better online, it’s important to put strategies in place that are sustainable. If your company doesn’t have the structure to support that on your own, working with a marketing agency can help. Planify™ gets the opportunity to help our clients with automation, social media, reviews, websites, branding, and more. We would love to help you serve your customers better. Have questions? Schedule a call today!

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