How Local SEO Supports Service Businesses

If you read last week’s post about SEO, you know that it’s a critical component of your digital marketing arsenal. But did you know that SEO is especially important for service-area businesses? Local SEO is about more than just ranking for a particular keyword like “mechanic”. More than 46% of all Google searches are for “local information,” so optimizing for local SEO pays off.

This week on the blog, we’re looking at how local SEO can benefit your business.

Google Business Profile

Optimizing your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is the first step in amplifying your Local SEO. At Planify™, we see the value of this so strongly that it’s one of the services we offer. Any business benefits from having a solid GBP, but for service businesses, it’s crucial.

Your business profile shows potential customers all the information they need–like your phone number, hours, and address. If you are within a reasonable distance, your company is more likely to show up when they use relevant search terms. If clients come to you, such as a mechanic or tailor, they can use Google maps for directions. If you’re a plumber or cleaner who goes to them, they can get a better idea of how long it would take you to arrive in an emergency.

Local Keywords

Locally relevant keywords are the next step in improving your SEO. Of course, it is useful to share your service areas on the website, but you will want to stress your area in a few ways to optimize the results for users. For a business in Fort Worth, Texas, it doesn’t hurt to mention ‘Cowtown’. For a company in New York City, the website could mention ‘The Big Apple’.

By sharing relevant and specific content to your local area, your SEO will benefit and your customers may find you more easily.

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Amplifying your content does wonders for SEO, including local. Posting through your GBP in addition to social media allows you to reach a wider audience. It also generates more content for Google to pull from when users search for your industry in their area.

Creating content rich in local discussion strongly benefits your business. Not only does it make you easier to find, but of course it also improves engagement and has benefits that go far beyond SEO. In terms of visibility, sharing area relevant posts through Google adds great strength to your brand.

How Google Ranks Your Business


Google determines how far you are from the user who is searching. If you are within a reasonable range, you can be included in the search. The user can then determine if you are the right company for them.


How do you compare to your competitors? Do you have abundant positive reviews? Do you have an average of 4.5 stars where your competitors rank around 4.2? How well do you compete?

These factors help Google determine your worthiness in being included in the search.


Of course, your company has to be relevant to the search. This is Google’s way of preventing a plumbing company showing up when a user is searching for a hair salon. However, this is also why it’s so important to have rich and varied SEO. If you do happen to be a salon, make sure to include terms like ‘barber’ so that a user searching for a ‘barber shop’ can still find you if you offer these services.

Optimize Your Local SEO with Planify™

If you’re not sure your company has hit the mark with local SEO, it’s time to get started. And if you simply don’t have the time or manpower for it, an agency like Planify™ can help. We work with you to optimize your Google Business Profile, while also offering services like web design with keyword-rich copy, social media management, digital advertising, and more. If you’re ready to scale your business and make an impact, reach out today.

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